About Our Club

_DSC2214Hi, I’m Heather. I love to act. I also love nature. A while ago I decided that I want to be an actress, so I can be famous, so I can be President, so I can save the planet. But that’s a long way off.

Recently, one of our neighbors cut down a big pine tree. That made me really sad because hawks had nested in that tree every year. Now the hawks are gone.

So I decided to start a club to protect where animals live. Our club will also help kids learn about nature and how to take better care of it. Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Kids from around America can share conservation ideas to help other kids protect places near their home,
  • We can share fun places to visit and even have club meetings at some of them,
  • We can learn about interesting animals, bugs, plants, trees, and the places they like to live,
  • And we can have fun!

I hope you will join us so we can save America together!