Bold Jumping Spider


Also called the daring jumping spider, it is named for its amazing ability to leap. Though only around ¾ of an inch long, this little critter can jump almost 3 feet. That’s like an average sized kid jumping more than half a football field.

Instead of building webs, bold jumping spiders use their great eyesight and leaping ability to catch prey. The iridescent blue (sometimes green) things are part of the spider’s mouth and are used to inject venom into their prey.


Across much of the United States, though less common in the west.


Fields, grasslands, gardens.


Insects and other spiders.

Fun Facts

Eyes small They have 8 eyes, 4 large eyes on their face, and 4 smaller ones on top of their head.
Eyes small Though they don’t spin webs, they do use their silk to make shelters and nests.

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